About Us

About Us

Arumas Health Services was established in 2008 with the sole aim of providing specialist services such as occupational health services and travel advice to businesses and organizations spanning various sectors from hospitals to your local corner shop. We pride ourselves with the quality of service we provide in these areas.

Through our dedicated staff, we have built a great relationship with some organizations rendering us as their official Travel Advisors and Occupational Health service providers which include health screening, vaccinations and immunizations.

Arumas Health Services also undertakes comprehensive health assessments for employers identifying health hazzards and advising measures to fix these issues thereby ensuring a healthy work environment for employees.

Arumas Health Services is committed to providing the best health services to its clients which in turn enables effective productivity and profitability in their various businesses. Which is why they keep coming back.

We are SEQOHS accredited which is proof enough to ensure a high level of service from our staff. Contact us; we are here to help you live a better healthy life.